A fresh set of eyes can help spot issues you overlook. The reality facing all churches today is that we often miss what the issues affecting our church are-typically because we are too close to the problem. Once you’ve been to a church more than once you become afflicted with a common disease: “The Curse of Knowledge.” This inhibits our ability to accurately assess a situation or diagnose a problem.

That’s where church consulting comes in.

Whether you are looking to increase your reach into the community, stem the tide of decline, or check the current state of your church and facility–Spencer can help.

Spencer has a natural gifting for troubleshooting and spotting potential challenges. His critical eye will help your organization identify areas of opportunity for improvement.

Don’t let cost be a hinderance–Spencer is looking to help churches grow. Big or small, he will find a workable budgetary solution to meet your need.

For more information or to schedule a time to connect with Spencer email.


     Spencer Click has twenty-years of pastoral ministry experience. He currently serves as the Executive Pastor of Family Life and Ministry Operations at Bethel Church in Hampton, VA. Bethel is one of the 50 largest churches in the AG. In his role as an Executive Pastor, Spencer has helped to grow the ministry overall by implementing systems and processes that enhance the ministry provided to the community and members of Bethel.

            Spencer has a Bachelors in Children’s Ministry from North Central University in Minneapolis, MN; a Master’s in Christian Ministries from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary with an emphasis on Church Life, coaching and consulting; and is currently a DMIN candidate at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, MN focusing on Servant Leadership for Team and Organizational transformation.

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