It’s the simple things…

Who wants more visitors? Who wants your visitors to come back? We all do!! Several years ago, Outreach Marketing did a survey of the top reasons people come back after their first visit. Preaching wasn’t very high on the list. Actually, the top three were Music, Children’s Ministry, and Rest rooms. Rest rooms? Yep, why?

Stroke of genius or finally focused?

This past Saturday, I spent two hours in the morning and then two hours in the afternoon cleaning and organizing my garage. It was a hot and sweaty endeavor. Morning session was primarily throwing things away. The afternoon session was one of those kind of things that I really enjoy, it was completing little projects

#OneYearAgo today…The Five Year Miracle That Happened One Week.

There were a lot of things that happened one year ago today. Rather than try and do 4-5 posts on Facebook, I thought a blog post would be easier. Bennett was originally due on July 10, 2013. It became apparent that he was going to come early. We didn’t want to wait in Virginia for

Prove You’re Smart – Quit Reinventing the Wheel! #kidmin

     In my twenty-six years of Children’s Ministry, I have learned something very important – I don’t have to figure everything out. A lot of the problems and challenges I face within ministry have been experienced before, by someone else! Learning from experience is good, but learning from someone else’s experience is better! All too often

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