Adoption: The Very Heart of Our Father

In celebration of the upcoming Father’s Day, I thought I’d share another blog I wrote for My Healthy Church: Kids. You can find a lot of other great articles and resources on their site. Adoption is the heart of God. I have always agreed with this thought, but I don’t think I understood it until

Is just one enough?

I keep this little pin in my desk drawer…I see it pretty much everyday. It serves as a reminder for a couple of things. First it reminds me of my friend Glenn Garvin, who gave it to me. Glenn works for Royal Family Kids’ Camp. If you’re not familiar with them, I encourage you to

Finding breakthrough with change

     Take a look at the picture – when you first looked at it, did you see half a face of a man looking at you or someone looking to the left? It took me a minute, but after looking a third time I could see both. To see both though, I had to

Interval Training and YOU! (This isn’t an exercise post) #kidmin #cmconnect

     If you know anything about me, you know I “own” the Elliptical at the gym. All you have to do is follow me for a day or so on twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to see me post something about working out. And when I go, it’s typically for one of two things –

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