Christian atheists…

Finger     In the era of self-help, one of the greatest challenges that we face is man’s ability to rationalize a way forward. The age of Enlightenment attempted to explain away the necessity of God. This idea can be epitomized by  “I think, therefore I am.”

We face a world full of challenges and issues. Every day each one of us walks through some form of trial of our own. And in our Western, rational mindset, we often trying to find the way forward ourselves. In many ways, the church of today functions no differently than an atheist.

Typically people approach problems with one of two perspectives: who has done this to me? Or what have I done to myself? From this perspective, they then try to proceed forward out of their problem.

It really depends on where they’re starting from for the answers that they seek. They look to external sources such as government assistance, or friends and family. Or if they think it is self-inflicted, they look to how they can improve themselves to change their own circumstances.

This place is no different for the majority of people inside and outside of the church. But the question people ask shouldn’t be who did this to me? Or what did I do to myself? Really it should be how am I trusting in Christ through this?

Moving forward in life isn’t about self-help. Moving forward in life isn’t about self-reliance. Moving forward in life isn’t even about finding the right level of assistance from an outside organization. Moving forward in life is about learning to trust in God. Hebrews 12:2 tells us to fix our eyes on Jesus.

If you think your cleverness, your intelligence, or somebody else’s help is going to be what fixes your situation then you are functioning no different from anything else that doesn’t rely on God as their source their Savior in their salvation. Will God use others? Absolutely!

Is Jesus enough? Even when you don’t have an answer, even when your circumstances are difficult, even when you don’t see a way forward. Is Jesus, without an answer to your problems, sufficient for you?

Emotional Intelligence – Volunteer Training #Leadership #kidmin

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